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Neuroscienec Data Talk / Roshan Satapathy

Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 13:30 - 14:00
Speaker: Roshan Satapathy (IST Austria)
Location: Online Event ()
Series: Neuroscience data talk
Host: Lora Sweeney
Contact: LANDAUER Sandra

Animal behavior is typically studied by presenting simple parametric stimuli that evoke strong stereotypical responses. In the laboratory, these stimuli are usually presented in isolation while, in nature, an animal encounters many such stimuli simultaneously. Given the chaotic nature of the natural environment, it is essential that the animal not only respond to each individual stimulus in a robust manner but also be able to parse through a myriad of stimuli and generate the most appropriate behavior at any given time. One way of achieving this is selective attention, the ability to limit neural processing and behavior to a relevant subset of stimuli. We aim to understand the computational principles and neuronal mechanisms behind this process by studying the interaction between multiple ethologically relevant behaviors in Drosophila. In this talk, I will present the ongoing efforts in our lab to study the modulation of and interaction between optomotor response and male courtship tracking, both of which are innate and highly stereotypic visual behaviors.
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