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ISTA Lecture Young Lounge

Date: Friday, May 13, 2022 16:00 - 16:30
Speaker: Venki Ramakrishnan (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology )
Location: Central Building, Error Bar (Pub)
Series: ISTA for Kids
Host: ISTA Science Education Team
Contact: Magdalena Steinr├╝ck (tel. 02243/9000-1216)

+++ The Young Lounge with Venki Ramakrishnan is already booked out. Highschool students and their teachers are still welcome to register for attending the lecture only (please register on this page). +++

Prior to the ISTA Lecture by Venki Ramakrishnan, the ISTA Lecture Young Lounge gives high school students and their teacher the opportunity to meet our speaker in a colloquial atmosphere. Participants will receive an entry level introduction to the topic of the lecture and have the possibility to ask questions and get to know the speaker in a less formal setting. Preparatory material is provided to teachers in advance. Participants are expected to stay for the subsequent ISTA Lecture (no separate registration necessary). The Young Lounge, as the lecture, are held in English.

Registration is open to groups of 2-4 high school students accompanied by a teacher or other mentor with the possibility to facilitate preparation and coordinate the organization of the group.

When inviting students to participate, we highly encourage teachers to consider diversity criteria. Who would be positively surprised to receive such an invitation? Who is in need of inspiration and encouragement for science and would benefit from it?

For registration via email, please click here!

Spots for the Young Lounge are limited and are given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are an individual high-school student and would like to come, we encourage you to talk to your teacher to organize a group!

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