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Room Temperature Superfluorescence in Hybrid Perovskites and Its Origins

Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2022 10:00 - 11:00
Speaker: Kenan Gundogdu (North Carolina State University)
Location: Heinzel Seminar Room
Series: Physical Sciences Seminar
Host: Zhanybek Alpichshev
Contact: Aga Rowinska

As the demand for quantum approaches in computing, communication and cryptology is increasing, the need for discovering new “quantum materials” is at an unprecedented level. While for most applications the required quantum properties are known, the designer rules for producing these materials are not clear and quantum materials functioning at room temperature is almost non-existent. One of the major challenges is the short lifetime of quantum coherent states at practically relevant temperatures.  Since quantum phase is extremely fragile due to thermal scattering events, we have the following fundamental questions: Are thermal processes really a fundamental roadblock for designing quantum materials with extended coherence? Is there a way to protect quantum coherence in spite of thermal scattering? Based on our recent discovery of room temperature superfluorescence in hybrid perovskites, we believe that it is possible to protect the quantum phase of a quantum system by isolating it from ambient thermal interactions by using a mechanism similar to vibrational isolation in classical mechanical systems. In this talk, I will present the Quantum Analog of Vibration Isolation (QAVI) model and my perspective for designing quantum materials at high temperatures.

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